Drone Photography & Videography

Using Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA/drone) technology to capture images and video from a different perspective is the main reason for hiring a drone pilot. Every pilot in the UK, operating commercially has to undergo a training regime and pass tests set by the Civil Aviation Authority. These tests are designed to prove a pilot’s competence in operating a drone. I am a qualified SUA pilot and have a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO).

I fly my drone within the guidelines of my ‘operations manual’ and the safety of it and everyone involved is of the utmost importance. Having said that, I always strive to produce the best possible aerial work to give your project that WOW factor that sets your company apart from the competition. I can fly in various situations including, but not limited to, day or night and outside or inside!

Mission Planning

Planning a flight is a task in itself. We undertake various checks, plan routes and above all assess the risk involved. When I'm happy that everything planned can be achieved, we're ready to fly!

The Flight

With the level of planning done previously, the flight takes place and all the images and video are captured. The job is done, or is it?

Post Production

I can hand over the footage that I take to you and that will be the end of my contract with you. I would, however, prefer to hand the project over after I've produced a great video or enhanced images.

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